Frequently asked questions:
What is It is a site that is used for various web postings and goings on. Rambling thoughts and photo displays may be found along with half finished designs and games.
Where is It is located on your internet browser by simply entering the address of into the address window of your favorite browser.
Why is Because I wanted to have a site that had a simple short easy to remember name that could be used however seen fit.
When is Right at this very moment you at viewing, you have probably been here for almost a whole minute.
How is This site is made possible by the thousands of people out there who inspire all of us on a daily basis. From the person who cuts in front of you at the deli, to the dumbasses who make that left directly in front of you.
Is for sale? Yes the site is available for purchase for the amount of $10,000.00 US. are available for $9.00 a month or $90.00 for a whole year.